Labia reduction

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that involves reducing the size of the labia minora, or vaginal lips. Vaginal anatomy varies considerably among women and can change over time, particularly after childbirth. Larger or uneven vaginal lips can cause a variety of problems that are easily fixed with simple cosmetic gynecological surgery.

Larger labia are an important aesthetic concern for many women. Excess or uneven labial tissue may be embarrassing. Women who are unhappy with their labial size or shape may have difficulty sharing sexual experiences with others because they are self-conscious. Larger labia can also be visible when a woman wears a bathing suit or tight pants. Upsetting for many, this is often a particular concern for lifeguards for women who wear bikinis, and any woman who may be required to wear tight costumes or uniforms on a regular basis. For these women, undergoing a procedure to reduce the size of their labia can have a positive effect on both their private and professional lives.

The benefits of labial reduction are not only aesthetic. Tight clothing can irritate larger vaginal lips, making a woman uncomfortable while working, exercising, or even performing the tasks of daily life. A long labia can also a cause for pain during sexual intercourse, making an otherwise enjoyable experience extremely uncomfortable.